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So, you have great products to offer the world.  Your website looks amazing and you are ready to make your first sale.  Now, what?  Well, your great product will not just sell itself.  

Nope, this is when the real work starts.  

This is a very useful digital marketing eBook for marketers dealing in eCommerce.

This book provides over 50 eCommerce growth hacks which can help you take your business to next level. The book is easy to read and the concepts are explained step-by-step.



Tameshia Weaver, The Brand Magnate, is a world class business and mindset mentor for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.  Her secret sauce is helping you prepare yourself and your business for the freedom that entrepreneurship allows.  Starting her first business at the age of 12, a Babysitting Club, she quickly fell in love with the process of building successful ventures.  Since then, she has built dozens of eCommerce brands, a retail boutique, and multiple service- based businesses, all of which all has allowed her to perfect the art of selling to the right customer.

Tameshia is the daughter of a Navy Veteran, and spent her childhood adjusting to the changes that comes with military life (new home, new school, and new friends).  Till this day, The Brand Magnate, never meets a stranger, and is a natural when it comes to networking and establishing connections.  Graduating college with a Bachelors in BBA in Accounting, she uses the skills acquired every day, to analyze business financials and ensure that each of her brands are operating at maximum capacity, while providing excellent customer and client services.

While attending college, she started working as a Front Desk Agent at a Holiday Inn in Atlanta, and fell in love with the world of Hospitality!  With her upbeat personality, and willingness to serve others, she quickly moved up the corporate ladder to Director of Sales for many well-known brands such as Hyatt, Hilton, IHG and Marriott, and developed the skills needed to lead sales teams in to crushing the competition.

Today, she enjoys traveling to various cities and working with hotels as a Task Force Sales Consultant , and continuing to build and invest in multiple ventures including, LT Designs and Marketing Co, My TRUTH Bar, Moor Gold, Olive & Stick, and Upfront ATL.  She is also breaking into the world of podcasting, The LEAP Podcast and Dinner Show, and enjoy sharing the courageous stories of others who have taken the LEAP of faith to live the lives that they were put on this universe to live!

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